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Aufgrund der Entdeckung einer Sicherheitslücke bei Telenor, einer in Norwegen ansässigen Telefongesellschaft, wurde die hochentwickelte Netzwerkinfrastruktur für Cyber-Angriffe entdeckt, die wahrscheinlich heute noch existent ist.

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  • Malware Analyzer G2 (MAG2)
    The MAG2 provides industry-leading Hybrid SandBoxing, technology that enables IT and security teams to run suspicious artifacts through the award-winning Norman SandBox®, and concurrently analyze the code in Norman’s virtualized IntelliVM modules.
  • Norman Network Protection (NNP)
    A comprehensive, high performance security appliance that helps organizations to effectively protect critical IT infrastructure against cyber criminals
  • Network Threat Discovery (NTD)
    A cyber attack discovery system that automatically collects and detects malicious files that have slipped past traditional security nodes. With Norman Threat Discovery, the NNP appliance rates suspicious files by risk score and makes files available for analysis by the Malware Analyzer G2
  • SCADA Protection
    Norman SCADA Protection system protects against cyber attacks that target critical SCADA systems

Case Studies

  • Red Sky Alliance
    “Malware threats are one of those areas where even the biggest companies struggle to adequately fund proper cyber defense. With Norman Malware Analyzer G2, we can give our clients access to an extremely sophisticated technical solution that helps them keep their systems and networks safe and secure” – Jeff Stutzman, CEO RedSky Alliance


Featured Videos

Norman Security's full cyber-security video series, "INSIDE NETWORK SECURITY: Cybercrime, Malware, and Today's Emerging Threats" can be viewed on Norman’s YouTube channel:

  • Malware Analyzer G2 product demonstration
    Sales Engineer and Malware Researcher Thomas Quinlan provides a walkthrough demonstration of Malware Analyzer G2.  Malware Analyzer G2 is Norman's automated dynamic malware analysis platform providing security professionals and incident responders with actionable intelligence quickly with respect to malware threats.
  • Companies Know that their Networks Are ‘Owned’
    Cutting-edge organizations recognize that cyberprotection is all about resiliency and flexible mitigation: understanding that your network WILL be attacked, rather than waiting for an incident to occur. As our guest puts it, "Any company worth their salt will tell you that at any given time they know that a percentage of their network is "owned"'.
  • Looking for Criminals
    The CEO of a leading non-profit cybersecurity organization makes crucial points about investigating the criminality behind malware infections, and how the growth of mobile devices is driving partnerships between ISPs and security companies.
  • Protecting Critical Control Systems
    Learn more about protecting your critical infrastructure through securing industrial control systems.  Featuring Jessie Knight, Chairman and CEO, SDG&E.
  • Protect Your Network from Advanced Persistent Threats
    Hear Red Sky Alliance COO and VP of Research and Analysis, Jeff Stutzman, discuss his experience using Norman's Malware Analyzer G2.
  • It All Changed in One Day
    Joe Weiss, ISA Fellow, Managing Partner of Applied Control Solutions, and author of "Protecting Industrial Control Systems From Electronic Threats" gives his perspective on how the events of September 11th, 2001 changed the face of the Industrial Control industry, the unintended consequences of IC systems becoming a national security issue, and why most boardrooms don't have a clear idea of the cybersecurity threats they face.
  • Five Steps to Securing Critical Infrastructure
    Joe Weiss, an expert and author on the subject of Industrial Control systems and cyber security, and insists that senior management must make cybersecurity a priority throughout the industry lifecycle, and explores options for companies to secure their control systems.
  • It's When... Not If
    Jessie Knight,  Chairman and CEO of San Diego Gas & Electric shares his thoughts about Industrial Control security.  With the growing risk of energy-related cyberattacks, Mr Knight highlights how CEOs across a range of industries are becoming increasingly aware of the need to prioritize cyber security within their businesses.