Debugger PRO

The Norman Malware Debugger Pro performs deep analysis of suspicious files more effectively than any other analysis tool, giving the user full debugging functionality on top of the SandBox platform.

In the age of advanced and persistent threats, automated analysis solutions only expose basic behavior. APT capabilities are often only uncovered with advanced debugging tools like Debugger Pro. Malware Debugger Pro boasts all the functionality of traditional reverse engineering and debugging tools in a single interface, performing advanced analysis of the most complex malware threats organizations encounter.

Features & Key Benefits

Malware Debugger Pro offers many advanced options including:

All traditional debugging tasks
Modify and inject code, set breakpoints on code execution, memory access, network activity, interrupts and other events.

Full control
Customize and control the SandBox environment. View, modify, and search memory, code, registers, stack, descriptor tables, environment variables, network firewall, and more.

Stuck or tricked? Save time with back stepping features, in addition to traditional forward stepping.

Network Traffic Control
View, modify, and capture network packets from the real or simulated network.

Kernel and application level debugging

Import & Export
Custom libraries, files and components

Custom views and logging

DNA matching
Match known malicious and legitimate code fragments in Norman Lab’s databases with the code being analyzed.