SCADA Protection

Defend against cyber-attacks that target critical SCADA systems

Uninterrupted SCADA Operation

With the growing number of malware attacks targeting industrial software and systems, manufacturers, utilities and industries need sophisticated security solutions such as Norman SCADA Protection to secure their PLC’s and SCADA systems.

Norman SCADA Protection may be installed at the network perimeter to prevent the ICS (Industrial Control System) from being infected by malicious code transferred across the network. ICS computers may also be protected against unsecured portable storage devices, commonly used by service personnel, who might intentionally or unintentionally expose the computers with attack code. Norman SCADA Protection does this, all without any interruption to operations.

Key Benefits

First SCADA Turn-Key Security Solution
Delivers everything you need to protect your SCADA systems against malware in one appliance.

Only system to secure both in-line and offline SCADA systems
Norman SCADA prevents ICS systems from being infected by malicious code transferred across the network and against unsecured portable storage devices. NSP provides a unique solution adding a critical line of defense against cyber-attack strategies.

Integrated Security Management
Norman SCADA Protection appliances are easily managed from a single console.



  • Deployable anywhere in the network
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Highly scalable hardware platform
  • Mirror port / SPAN port support
  • Support for 10 Gbit/s networks
  • Supports unlimited number of VLANs
  • High Availability
  • Redundancy/fail-over solution on software and hardware

Other Features

  • Optional blocking of MSN traffic and BitTorrents protocol
  • Customizable content/URI blocking
  • Multi-tiered traffic blocking or exclusion based on IP-address, MAC-address or VLAN ID
  • Supports SNMP-based management systems
  • Multithreaded application with multi-CPU support
  • Runs on Linux
  • Available as hardware and software based solution

Malware Scanning

  • Real-time malware scanning of networktraffic
  • Automatic outbreak prevention and damage control
  • Malware source detection and isolation
  • Proactive protection with Norman SandBox®, Norman DNA Matching and Norman Exploit Detection inside
  • Real-time analysis of unknown malware via Norman SandBox® log
  • Automatic scan engine and signature update

Protect Critical Infrastructure Assets from Cyber Attack

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