site-date-published: 2010.04.21
site-date-update: 2012.11.27

Unable to login to NNP after joining a NEM realm


We have received some reports where customers using Network Protection have experienced login problems to the NNP after joining a Norman Endpoint Manager realm. This despite the fact that the initial joining of the realm works as normal, and the reply is that the action was successful.

After a while Network Protection is still not visible as managed in the “client View” in Endpoint Manager, and it is not possible to log into the NNP.


The reason for the problem is that the Endpoint Manager has been given a netbios name. Norman Network Protection, running on Linux, can not resolve a netbios name, and thus fails to replicate the credentials and configuration.

To resolve this, please put the netbios name of the Endpoint Manager in the NNP’s hosts file.

How to do this:

  1. Login to the Linux console on the NNP box. Either locally on the physical console or remotely with SSH using Putty or similar tools.
    Login as “root” with the password you set during the initial installation.
  2. In the /etc/hosts file insert the entry

    IP-address Netbios name


If your Norman Endpoint Manager name is “nem-realm” and the IP-address is the entry to put in the /etc/hosts file is: nem-realm

Norman recommends using either real DNS names or an IP-address as name for Endpoint Manager. This way the DNS will be able to resolve the machine name or no resolving is necessary.

Note well! After joining a NEM realm only admin users created on the NEM server may log into the NNP locally. The realm-owner created during installation of NEM can not be used, only admin users .